Our Story

We are The Real People of OneTaste. We have real lives, real stories and have had immense benefit from Orgasmic Meditation and OneTaste. 

Since the publication of a Bloomberg article in 2018 against OneTaste, there have been various articles/documentaries/podcasts parroting the false and horrific allegations made by media sources that were never involved in the practice or organization. For four years, the people involved in both the practice and organization – the thousands – that have been impacted by all of it have stood by wondering how and where exactly to get involved. The media thinks it is dealing with a few people in the organization, but with the announcement of the release of the Netflix documentary filed under “True Crime,” we, The Real People of OneTaste, have decided to come out. We cannot stay quiet any longer. Netflix has taken this too far and we are speaking out about it.

On Friday, October 21st, Netflix released an announcement that it would release a documentary called “Orgasm, Inc. The Story of OneTaste.” 

What they did not share is that the documentary was largely produced using footage that was stolen and sold to the producers, Sarah Gibson and Erin Lee Carr. This documentary contains stolen footage, then purchased by the producers and soon to be published by Netflix about very sensitive and private facts of our lives WITHOUT our permission. 

For over 14 years, OneTaste held thousands of courses all across the country (and world), introducing the world to the practice and philosophy of Orgasmic Meditation developed by Nicole Daedone. In those 14 years, we all saw and experienced thousands of lives change, our own included. The work we did at OneTaste sought to change the way we experienced the world, one that was actually aligned with our bodies and nature. 

We participated in OneTaste courses under the assumption of privacy and Netflix has broken that privacy and is publishing stories about us without our permission. 

This site is run by individuals. We call ourselves the Real People of OneTaste.

Join us in keeping Netflix to standards that protect women and people who have privacy rights!